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Yesterday is Gone!: You thought it had won. It didn’t.

“For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. 5 We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,” 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 ESV

We share a lot of music on our family text thread. If we find a jam we like, we send it out for the family to listen and of course critique. Sometimes it’s a hit with the whole gang. Then occasionally, you get the replies that insult your music taste. We laugh, sometimes admit it is true that our musical interests could improve and go on to find other genres that we enjoy.


My son sent us a Christmas concert by Tommee Proffit.  The name had me. Anyone with a name like that has to produce music I will like. I checked out the concert and I was hooked. I then explored his other music and found a song that spoke to my soul. It was as if it was written for the week I was going through. In fact, I could say it could be an anthem for the past three years.  It is called Godly with Vo Williams. I am not a rap fan, but this song was straight out talking to me, about me.


There were many lyrics that communicated truth, but the one that inspired this devotion was “Yesterday’s gone, but I’m still here.” The beginning of the week was brutal. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. There was one particular day that was the worst. From start to finish, it seemed as if every hour was crawling and with it the pain and pressure. Sometimes we get stuck in a day because our thoughts get stuck in patterns that are not healthy. Our mind tells us this is it. This is what you have to look forward to, but if we stay forward focused, something eventually happens. Tomorrow becomes today.


I have had a lot of yesterdays that I thought were designed to do me in. When I think about them, I shiver. I remember what I felt, the hurt, heartache, and confusion. I did not like those days. You know the pain I am describing. You think to yourself that this is the day the enemy wins. It just cannot get any better. So, you think.


There it is. We think. We think it cannot get worse. We think we are stuck. We think we will never have joy again. We think we made the mistake of all mistakes. We think we are not strong enough. We think our marriage will never get better. We think our finances are doomed. We think we will die. We think we will suffer forever. We think. Our thoughts become spiritual strongholds that try to keep us tied down to the negative, the hopeless and the hurt.


The days when our thoughts get the best of us feel like the day that will never end. But it did end. Many of those days are already in your rear-view mirror. You are reading this devotion today, not “that day” you thought would never end. You made it. That day is gone and look around, pinch yourself… you are here. Maybe that trial is behind you now and you can shout a thank you to God. Or maybe it’s a different day, but you know… the same stuff. But it is a different day. You’re not stuck. You are simply still on a journey to see yourself free. God isn’t done. There is more work to do, but you are making it. Don’t stop. Keep living. Soon the day you find yourself in will be the day you can look at your mountain of failure and fear and say, “You are history. I climbed you; I conquered you and through Jesus, you moved along.”


I love what Paul says in 2 Corinthians 10:4-6. We have divine power to pull down the spiritual strongholds that seem to never move. The fears, the worries, the thoughts! The junk we don’t like. I did a study on what that word “power” means. It changed my perspective of battles and my thought life. We would love for them to be moments, not seasons. Days can be ok, but when they turn to years, that is when we wonder if we are going to make it to another day.  Maybe we don’t even want another day. Now that is a serious stronghold.


What Paul is saying to the church in Corinth is this. You through Jesus are able, you are strong in soul and able to bear the calamities and trials with a strength not your own. Through Jesus you have the courage, the fortitude, and a very big word with a powerful meaning… PATIENCE! With Christ in your today, He will help you get to your tomorrow. Your yesterday will be gone, but you will still be here and though it may feel like you cannot go on, through Christ you can. God will give you the strength and patience to make it. You have the power to take those thoughts of dread and submit them to what Christ says, what He thinks. You then uproot that stronghold through the days to come with reminding yourself the truth that Jesus speaks over you, not your circumstances.


If you are in a “today” that is trying to stop you, defeat you and cause you harm, tell today it only has a few hours left. You on the other hand have eternity. Tomorrow is simply one step closer to victory. Put on some of your favorite music and stomp on the devil’s head. Remind him who is leading you through your today and tomorrow. Remind him where you will be when this day is over. And check out the song, “Godly”. Turn it up loud, dance like you mean it. Tomorrow, God willing is coming and you will be there.


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