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Warning Bells... Finding faith in the middle of fear

“When you go into battle in your own land against an enemy who is oppressing you, sound a blast on the trumpets. Then you will be remembered by the Lord your God and rescued from your enemies.” Number 10:9 NIV

If you have ever been to the Emergency Room, you know there are certain sounds that are not pleasant. It is usually in the form of bells ringing. The bells are warning systems or alerts that tell the staff and you something is going on that you need to pay attention to. I had a recent trip to the ER and as I laid there in my bed waiting for the doctor, I told my wife, there are two places where you don’t want to hear warning bells... Hospitals and Airplanes. Sure, they serve a great purpose. They alert you to an emergency or point of instruction. It lets you know action needs to take place. Warning bells are in the Bible too. Maybe we should call them warning trumpets instead.

The Israelites depended on the sound of the trumpet. Depending on how the trumpets sounded would determine what they were to get ready for. All had different sounds with different calls to action. One sound would tell the tribes to assemble, another to set out. Trumpets were also used for times of rejoicing and offerings. But the one sound that relates to our devotion today is the blast. When they heard the blast, they were to get ready for battle. Battles come to the life of a believer. Jesus said so. Warning bells are usually heard in one way or another when they do. We do not always like the sound of them, because they can be scary. It could be a report from the doctor, a phone call from your child’s teacher, or an email, text. The enemy wants to use them to produce fear. I am sure when the Israelites heard the trumpet for battle there was an adrenaline boost. There is an enemy at hand, and it is time to prepare for war. Kind of like I felt at the dentist. It gets your attention. The question is, how do we respond?

To be honest, there are times when I hear the warning sounds of war, I respond with fear or anxiety. I would like to say that I have at all times, giant slaying faith, but that is just not always the case. Sorry, I am human. Warning bells can produce fear, but it is what we do with that fear that helps us through the journey. Once we determine that fear is there to intimidate, torture and paralyze, we confront it with God and His truth. God knows where you are, and He is right there by your side. Scripture teaches us that He is present in the time of trouble. (Psalm 46:1) He also knows the enemy you are up against. He is bigger and will rescue you.

Warning bells are to alert, but also to remind. God has got this! He has you and you have nothing to fear. I am not saying that you will not experience fear that will challenge your faith. You will, but it is what you do with it. That is what God wants you to do with warning bells. When you feel fear, hear a report that produces fear, that is a warning bell. Something is wrong, but it doesn’t mean to panic. It means to position. Respond with faith. Even as small as a mustard seed. Position yourself in prayer. Maybe it is time to change your prayer life up and get beyond the routine. Wisdom, warfare, and clarity are needed to respond with action. Positioning yourself in prayer will help you know what to do and trust God while you are doing it. That could be as simple as standing still and letting God fight for you. (Exodus 14:14)

And position yourself in the word. The Bible is life. It is perfect. Lean into it and get a word to stand on and fight with. Remember it is your spiritual sword. (Ephesians 6:17) I have had many sleepless nights or close to it spending time wielding God’s word against the enemy coming against me. Confess it and then do it again and sometimes again. God has not forgotten you and He is coming to your rescue. Your enemy is defeated.


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