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Today is a gift!

In this devotional Pastor A.B. writes on how each day God gives us the opportunity to maximize our fullest potential. When we know each day is a gift, we will live differently.

Today is a gift! Think about that for a moment. Reflect on those four words. Today is a gift!.”

Discovering the Gift

I know for many during this Covid19 interruption, we are counting down the days to freedom, health and getting back to work. It is not that we haven’t enjoyed the break with family. I have talked to many who have truly enjoyed the slow down to reconnect with who and what is important. We have seen our lives be cleared of clutter, things that once seemed important and consumed so much time and energy. Now we see how really misdirected our priorities were. 

I know as a pastor my vision has been focused. I guess that is a good thing from 2020. My administration has been sharpened. The value of a relationship refined and now longed for. The mission, reestablished. Yes, this has been good.  God has brought out the good in the midst of trial. But something happens when we approach the reentry of a season meant to focus, sharpen and refine and reestablish. We tend to forget the lesson learned as we slowly return to re-engaging our busy world. 

This is the heart of this devotion. Remember today is a gift. And every other day after that is made and given to us to live it to the max. Life (the very breath you breathe) is a gift. Family, friends are gifts to be cherished, valued and invested in. Your local church family is a gift! Together we encourage and equip our lives for the mission.  

Mission is not optional for a follower of Christ.  Just like we value our life, and our relationships, we should value our mission. As believers, we are to share God’s love by looking for opportunities  to be generous with our time and resources. Identify needs and with compassion, do what we can to help. Pray for others who need prayers of compassion not compliance. Share our story with those who God prepares through prayer to hear.  Invite others to come to Jesus in the midst of their journey in life. Each day, reflect on the purpose of the gift... Mission!

Today is a gift, live it intentionally with Jesus.


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